Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Newport Electric provide?

Newport Electric offers a wide range of services including industrial and commercial electric solutions, residential electrical services, and generator installation and sales.

Why should I choose Newport Electric for my commercial electric needs?

Newport Electric specializes in providing reliable and efficient commercial electric services. Our licensed electricians have extensive experience in handling diverse commercial projects.

What residential electrical services does Newport Electric offer?

Newport Electric provides comprehensive residential electrical services, including wiring and rewiring, outlet and switch installation, panel installation, and electrical troubleshooting.

How can Newport Electric assist with generator installation?

Newport Electric offers professional generator installation services for residential properties. Our team ensures proper wiring, safe installation, and reliable backup power supply.

Does Newport Electric provide industrial electric services?

Yes, Newport Electric is experienced in industrial electric solutions, catering to the unique electrical needs of industrial facilities, equipment installations, and maintenance.

Are the electricians at Newport Electric licensed?

Yes, Newport Electric employs licensed electricians who have undergone rigorous training and possess the necessary qualifications to handle electrical projects safely and effectively.

Is Newport Electric a commercial electric company?

Yes, Newport Electric is a trusted commercial electric company serving businesses with top-notch electrical services tailored to their specific requirements.

How can I contact Newport Electric for assistance?

To reach Newport Electric, please call us at (734) 586-2208. Our dedicated team is ready to answer your queries and provide reliable electrical solutions.

Can Newport Electric handle home generator installations?

Yes, Newport Electric specializes in home generator installation services, ensuring seamless installation, proper connections, and optimal functionality.

What are the benefits of hiring a residential electrician from Newport Electric?

Hiring a residential electrician from Newport Electric ensures professional expertise, adherence to safety standards, reliable solutions, and peace of mind for your home’s electrical needs.

Does Newport Electric offer panel installation services?

Yes, Newport Electric provides panel installation services, ensuring safe and efficient electrical distribution throughout your property.

What sets Newport Electric apart as an industrial electrician?

Newport Electric stands out as an industrial electrician by offering specialized knowledge, experience in industrial settings, and a commitment to delivering efficient and reliable electrical solutions.

Can Newport Electric assist with electrical services for commercial properties?

Absolutely, Newport Electric provides comprehensive electrical services for commercial properties, including installations, repairs, maintenance, and code compliance.

How does Newport Electric ensure customer satisfaction?

Newport Electric prioritizes customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality workmanship, personalized attention to each project, timely completion, and exceptional customer service.

Can Newport Electric help with sales of generators for residential use?

Yes, Newport Electric not only installs generators but also offers generator sales, helping you choose the right unit for your home’s backup power needs.